Hello world!

I'm Adam Wolf. I make things and think about them. I like to spend time with my wife. We like travelling, taking photos, and reading together Saturday mornings at the coffee shop. I am an improv enthusiast, and you can often find me and my wife sitting in the front row at HUGE Theater.

I make products.

During the day, I work at a engineering design company. I help take ideas and turn them into finished products. I normally use embedded Linux or Android, but I do a lot of other things too.

I help people make stuff.

In 2010, Matthew Beckler and I started Wayne and Layne. Wayne and Layne makes open source hardware kits. Our products are pretty varied, but they're all fun to build, fun to use, and come with detailed explanations of the design. We use Wayne and Layne to teach youth and adults. We work with schools, camps, and workshops to help them craft the DIY experience they want to give.

I can help you make stuff.

Although my day job and Wayne and Layne keeps me busy, I'm sometimes able to freelance. One of my recent projects was an exhibit for kids, currently at Cascade Meadow Wetlands & Environmental Science Center. I worked with Kidzibits, helping plan and then writing all the firmware for this large, interactive exhibit that puts people in charge of power distribution for a small town.

I write.

I'm one of three authors of Make: LEGO and Arduino Projects: Projects for extending MINDSTORMS NXT with open-source electronics. It's published by O'Reilly, in the Make line. It's available in stores and online.

I read.

I love to read, especially science fiction and young adult novels. My wife is an elementary school teacher, so I have a good excuse for the YA. I normally read between 75 and 125 novels a year. I really enjoy discussing the novels I've read.

I enjoy improv.

Minneapolis has a really great improv scene. I go out of my way to see Show X every Monday night at HUGE Theater, and Splendid Things when they play. I try to see improv when traveling. The more I do, the more I realize how great we have it in Minneapolis!